St. John's International 2019 Australia Sydney Art Auction A

 Information     |      2018-10-20 18:24:00

Sydney, located on the southeast coast of Australia, is the capital of New South Wales, Australia and the largest and most populous city in Australia.

一、 Auction profile:

     Auction Theme: St. John's International 2019 Australia Sydney Art Auction

     Auction time: January 18, 2019

     Auction Category: Porcelain. Jade. Painting. Miscellaneous. Coins

     Auction Location: Sydney, Australia


      Collection deadline: November 30, 2018

三、Collection Scope:

       Artron Art Network:
       St. John's International Auction Co., Ltd. official website:

四、 Unit organization

      Auctioneer: Saint John International Auction Co., Ltd.
      Co-organizers: British Royal aristocrat auctioneer Co., LTD

      Co-organizers:Hong Kong Royal Aristocratic Auction Co., Ltd

五、Sydney Business Circle

六、 Support Units

     Supported by: Hong Kong Dagong Network、 Yachang Art Network



   ● the company dedicated to the two sides for the film and bid to provide quality services, welcomed the inquiry.
   ● booking the global presence buyers.
   ● buyers from the global community, important buyers from Southeast Asia, Asia, the Americas, Europe.
   ● Chinese art collection hot, attracting global buyers investment boom.

八、Corporate Information:


      Company name: official website of saint John international auction co. LTD
      Headquarters website: